Petrila coal mine

The former coal mine in Petrila

Published on April 3, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The former coal mine in Petrila was one of the deepest mine in the entire Jiu valley, it had a depth of approximately 1000 meters. Unfortunately, it was closed back in 2015 after the last ton of coal was brought up from the mine. The closest major city is Petroșani.

The Jiu river

This photo was captured on a bridge right next to the entrance into the former coal mine complex. Basically, the Jiu river divides the former mining complex from the town. On the left side of the river is the city and on the right side you will see a part of the former coal mine. Also you can spot an old mine shaft which once was used to bring up the coal from the mine.

The Jiu river in Petrila right next to the coal mine.
A part of Petrila.

Mining train

These small trains where used by the miners to transport the extracted coal in the mining complex. As you can see on the last coal car, the last ton of coal was brought up from the mine in 2015 and unfortunately after that, the government decided to close the coal mine in Petrila because it wasn’t profitable any more. Sadly, other coal mines where closed in the Jiu valley as well.

Mine train in Petrila
Mine train in the former coal mine of Petrila.

Abandoned buildings in the mining complex

Here are a couple of buildings which are abandoned and are not used any more. In the background of the picture you can actually see a mining shaft used to transport the miners and the coal. In front of the shaft there are some narrow gauge coal hoppers which were used to transport the extracted coal.

Large mine shaft and narrow gauge coal hoppers.

Right next to mine shaft, there are many abandoned industrial buildings.

Industrial buildings in the mine complex.

Not far from the entrance into the mine, there is a administrative building with some nice murals inside.

Administrative building in the mine.

Narrow gauge train

That small narrow gauge train actually brings the extracted coal from Lonea to Petrila. Basically at Petrila, the coal is transferred from the narrow gauge hoppers to standard gauge hoppers.

Narrow gauge train heading towards Lonea coal mine.

The Parang mountain

Between those buildings you can spot the Parang mountain with some snow spots on the peeks. This is my final shots of this place, I’m really curious what will be here after a couple of years because the government would like to demolish probably all the buildings which once were a part of the Petrila coal mine complex.

The Parang mountains between the buildings.