First of all, greetings and a warm welcome to my blog. My name is Zoltan Nyaradi, and I’m a passionate photographer from the beautiful Eastern European country of Romania. This blog was opened 2015 on warm summer day because I wanted a place to showcase my mesmerizing travel and landscape photography.

Here, you’ll get the chance to explore some incredible destinations in Romania and beyond. When it comes to my home country, I am especially excited to share with you the wonders of Transylvania, Romania’s most enchanting region. Through my posts, you’ll learn about must-see landmarks, hidden gems, and the rich history and culture that make Transylvania so special.

If you have any questions, proposals or suggestion than feel free to contact me through the Contact Us page.

Where you can find me

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As a small side note, every photo that you’ll see on my profiles are high-resolution *.jpeg files exported at the highest quality possible.

A part of my wok

Below you will find a couple of my favorite photos which were captured by me. Make sure to check out my portfolio on Flickr for amazing images.

Dusul Padurarului waterfall.
Rising mist above the forest.
The fortified church in Biertan.
Lake Cincis