Bezid memorial park

Bezid Memorial Park in the heart of Transylvania

Published on August 7, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Bezid Memorial Park is located close to lake Bezid in Mureş County, Romania. It was built in memory of the former village of Bezidu Nou which currently lies under the lake’s water. The sad history of this Transylvanian village starts in 1975 when the construction of the nearby dam has started. Mainly, the dam was constructed to prevent flooding in the area but in exchange, the village of Bezidu Nou had to be evicted. The construction was stopped in 1977 but unfortunately it was resumed in 1984.

In 1985 the villagers were evicted because the dam was finished and the water level started slowly to rise. In 1994 the two churches from the village were covered entirely by water.

In 1995 a former inhabitant built a memorial park on the outskirts of the former village of Bezidu Nou. Inside the small memorial park you will find a collapsed wall. Next to the wall, you will find funeray pillars which actually is a map of the former village. You will also find some older images of the village before and after it was covered by the water.

Collapsed wall in the Bezid Memorial Park.
Funeral pillars in the memorial park.
A small part of lake Bezid in the background.
Lake Bezid in the summer.