Cisnadioara fortified church

The Fortified Church from Cisnădioara

Published on September 11, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The old Fortified Church or the citadel from Cisnădioara is a popular landmark located in the historical region of Transylvania, near the city of Sibiu. To be more precise, it’s about 10 km away from Sibiu and about 2 km away from the nearby city of Cisnădie.

Towards the Fortified Church

The old Fortified Church is located on top of a larger hill, actually you can spot this church from a great distance, so if plan to visit this place you cannot miss it. After we left our car near the town center, we headed towards the main entrance which can be found on Sub Cetate street. After paying 8 lei for a ticket, which is approximately 2 USD, we started the long walk through the forest up to the Fortified Church from Cisnădioara. As you will walk up to the Fortified Church, you will spot the old Lutheran Church as well.

The Lutheran Church in Cisnădioara.
The Lutheran Church in Cisnădioara

Inside the Fortified Church

After the long walk up to the church, we started to explore this magnificent place. To our luck, the place wasn’t very crowded, there were only a couple of tourists exploring the Fortified Church.

Now let me tell you a few words about the Fortified Church from Cisnădioara. It was built approximately 800 years ago and as you can see in the photos below, they built it out of stone. The entire church is actually surrounded by thick defense walls which was used to protect the church in case of an enemy attack.

Inside the church, behind the altar you will find some commemorative plaques which belonged to the fallen German soldier who fought in the First World War near Sibiu. These plaques were actually displaced in 1940 from Gușterița cemetery.

The main entrance into the Fortified Church.
The main entrance into the Fortified Church from Cisnădioara
The church inside the fortified walls.
The church inside the fortified walls
The interior of the church
The interior of the church with the altar and the commemorative plaques
Large wooden door which belongs to the Fortified Church in Cisnădioara.
Large wooden church door
The fortified walls and a large wooden door.
The fortified walls and a large wooden door
A part of Cisnădioara

What else to visit in the area:

Sibiu – I highly recommend you to visit this beautiful Transylvanian city, especially the old part of the city where you will find a lot of interesting objectives that you can visit, among those I can mention the Lutheran Cathedral, the Lesser and Great Squares.

Steam Locomotive Museum – If you like to discover what type of old steam locomotives were once used in Romania, then I highly recommend exploring this place.