small medieval citadel in Malaiesti

The Mălăiești citadel near the Retezat Mountains

Published on October 24, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

This small medieval citadel can be found in the Romanian village of Mălăiești which is located at the foothills of the Retezat Mountains. It’s actually not very far from the city of Hațeg.

Speaking of Hațeg, close to this city, you will find the Bison Reservation which is another important place that you can visit in the Hațeg region.

About the Mălăiești medieval citadel

This small medieval fortification was built in the 14th century and back then according to the story, the nobility lived in that small tower which was entirely surrounded by fortification walls.

Usually these types of fortification were built because the nobles from the medieval period wanted a very protected living place. This was a perfect place for them to store their valuable items or maybe a large chest packed with gold.

You can visit the exterior of the small citadel for free, you will only have to pay for a ticket if you want to visit the small museum inside the tower.

Path leading to the Mălăieşti Citadel.
The Mălăieşti Citadel
The citadel and the remaining defense wall.
The citadel and the remaining defense wall
Paintings on the defense wall of the Mălăieşti citadel.
Interesting paintings on the wall
Paved road up to the Mălăieşti citadel.
Paved road up to the citadel
View from the medieval citadel.
View from the medieval citadel