Charlottenburg village seen from a larger hill.

Charlottenburg – Romania’s Only Circular Village

Published on December 30, 2023 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The village of Charlottenburg located in Timis County, also known as Sarlota, is Romania’s only circular village, not far from the major city of Timisoara. Initially, this village was founded by 32 families who immigrated to Banat from the southern part of Germany. In its early days. all the houses in the village had almost the same height. This tradition has not really changed. One of the reasons this village has a circular layout was to protect the count’s estates from damages done by wild animals living in the nearby forests.

As you enter the village, you can observe the circular shape of the village. Right in the center of Charlottenburg, you will find the local school and a small but beautiful Roman Catholic church which is surrounded by old Swabian-style houses. The circularly shaped village has been designated a historical monument by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

As an interesting fact, Charlottenburg is 5 km away from 3 villages located nearby. Those villages are Buzad, Masloc, and Bogda.

Circular layout of the village.
Large circular street.
Museum of Hunting in the village.
The Museum of Hunting.
Side view of the Roman Catholic church.
Side view of the Roman Catholic church.
Old houses in a circular layout.
Old houses in a circular layout.
Swabian house.
A close-up shot of a Swabian house.
Circular street with old Swabian houses.
The starting point of the circular street.
The Roman Catholic church.
The Roman Catholic church located almost in the center of the village.

After visiting this small village on a rainy December day, I would like to share some insights. Since it is a small village, apart from the Museum of Hunters there are not many attractions to visit in Charlottenburg. However, one of the biggest advantage of this village is that is not very far from Timisoara therefore you can easily reach it by car or by bicycle. In approximately 15 minutes, you can explore the entire circular village by foot. The village may reveal its true beauty and offer a more delightful experience when visited in milder weather.

Below you will find a video of the village.

How can you reach Charlottenburg?

From Timisoara, which is about 45 km away, you will have to drive towards Masloc on DJ691. Once you will arrive in Masloc you will have to make a right turn toward Remetea Mica. The next village after Remetea Mica will be Charlottenburg.