Horse with cart in the village of Daia

The village of Daia in Mureș county.

Published on January 16, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The village of Daia is located in Mureș county, Romania. This village actually belongs to the commune of Apold which is about 8 km away. You’ll have to drive on a dirt road in order to reach this small Transylvanian village.

The Evangelical fortified church in Daia

In Daia you will find the old Evangelical fortified church built in the 15th century in gothic style. In my opinion is very unique due to the fact that the church tower was built outside the fortification walls of the church. Actually there is a dirt road between the church tower and the fortification wall. Usually, all the important buildings from the fortified churches in Transylvania were built wihitin the fortification walls. This way, they were protected in case of an enemy attack.

Unfortunately, the exterior of those old building are actually in a bad condition. Due to some larger cracks, the structure of the church tower was affected. Due to this, the building has inclined over time. Hopefully one day, they will be renovated and it will shine again.

The Evangelical church tower in the village of Daia.
Exterior shot of the fortified Evangelical church.
The old church.
Large tree right behind the Evangelical church and a part of the village in the background.

After exploring the village close to the Evangelical church, it was time to drive back to Apold. Another reason for our short visit, was the ugly and cold December weather. Before we’ve decided to leave, it even started to rain.