Lake Trei Ape near Brebu Nou.

Lake Trei Ape In The Semenic Mountains

Published on May 16, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

From the Semenic ski resort, we continued our journey towards Lake Trei Ape which is a larger artificial lake located in the Semenic mountains. The DJ582 road, also known as the TransSemenic road follows the lake after the village of Garana to the outskirts of Brebu Nou. Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to stop next to the lake and admire the beautiful alpine scenery.

About Lake Trei Ape

This artificial lake is located in the Gărâna depression, at an altitude of 835 m. If you translate the name to English, Trei Ape means Three Waters because there are three mountain stream that flows into the lake.

What can you do here?

If you plan to stay here for a couple of days, then you will find a smaller resort located next to the lake which has the same name as the lake. If you visit this place in summer, you have the option to rent a boat and ride on the lake. Nearby you will find multiple trails for those who would like to make a quick hike and explore a part of Garana depression. Lake Trei Ape also provides camping areas that are designed for tourists who are planning to stay near the lake.

Very close you will find two important villages, Garana and Brebu Nou founded by settlers of German origin which I encourage you to visit them.

How to reach Lake Trei Ape

To reach this lake, you have two possibilities depending from where are you coming from:

  1. You can drive on DJ582 from the city of Resita to Lake Trei Ape (the distance is: 45 km).
  2. You can drive on DJ582 from Slatina Timis to Lake Trei Ape (the distance is: 19.5 km).

In my opinion, the best route would be the longer one from Resita because the scenery is really beautiful. Along the way, you can make a short stop at lake Gozna located in the village of Valiug.

Photos of Lake Trei Ape

Below I’ve shared a couple of photos of Lake Trei Ape from my last trip. As you can see, almost all the lake is surrounded by a pine forest but you will find multiple spots where you can stop near the lake to admire it.

The lake with the forest in the background.
The lake and the forest in the background.
Boats near the dam.
Boats on the shore of the dam.
Pine trees on the other side of the lake.
Pine trees on the opposite side of the lake.
Trei Ape.
Trei Ape
Alpine scenery.
Beautiful alpine scenery next to Lake Trei Ape.

Other places to visit in the Semenic Mountains:

The Semenic ski resort – this is a popular ski resort in the Semenic Mountains. To visit this place you will have to drive towards Valiug and when you reach Cabana Prislop, you will have to make a left turn on DJ582E.

Valiug – this village is 14 km away from Trei Ape as you drive towards Resita. This is another popular place both in the summer and winter.