Semenic mountain in winter

The Semenic Ski Resort

Published on May 2, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Semenic ski resort is located in the scenic Semenic Mountains, Romania. As a pivotal subunit of the Banat Mountains and part of the southern group of the Western Carpathians, this resort reaches its pinnacle with the majestic Gozna Stone and the towering Semenic peak which has an altitude over 1.400 m.

Despite the elevated location, the climate remains remarkably mild and easily tolerable, making it an ideal destination even for families with young children. Winter temperatures range from a crisp -25°C to a comfortable 6°C, while summers offer a pleasant escape with temperatures fluctuating between 10°C and 25°C.

Semenic distinguishes itself as one of the rare spots in the country where snow blankets the landscape for approximately six months each year, creating a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

From Valiug to Semenic resort

Unfortunately, a part of the road is in a pretty bad condition but luckily the snow filled some of the potholes making the road somewhat better.

Interesting fact, as we drove up to Semenic from Valiug the fog gradually started to appear and the rain turned into snow. Even though we visited this place in early April, I didn’t think that I would find such a big amount of snow up in the mountains.

Road to Semenic covered with snow and dense fog.
The road leading to the Semenic resort covered with snow.
The road near the resort.
The main road protected by tall pine trees.

Dense fog on top of the mountain

After we reached the Semenic mountain, which is located at an altitude of over 1.400 m, the fog started to become even denser.

statiunea semenic sign.
Semenic resort sign.
Buildings in the resort.
Despite the bad weather, there were many tourists in the resort.
Cabin and the forest in dense fog.
In the dense fog, I found a cabin located near the edge of the forest.
Hotel roof.
Interesting roof of an older hotel.
Pine tree near the forest
A pine tree near the forest.
Winter wonderland.
Winter, snow, and of course, dense fog – the perfect combination.
Forest covered with snow.
Beautiful winter scenery on the Semenic Mountain.

How to reach this winter wonderland?

Depending from where are you coming from, you will have two options:

  • Resita – Valiug – Semenic
  • Slatina Timis – Brebu Nou – Semenic

What else can you visit near Semenic resort?

The first option would be the village of Valiug where you can admire the beautiful lake Gozna. If you visit this place in winter, then you will find a ski slope as well.

At the foothill of the Banat Mountains, you will find the city of Resita where you can visit the steam locomotive museum. All the steam locomotives from the museum were built a long time ago in Resita.