Tăii Gorge near Petrila

The charming Tăii Gorge near Petrila

Published on May 11, 2022 by Zoltan Nyaradi

Near the former mining city of Petrila you will find the charming Tăii Gorge. It’s located approximately 5 km away from the city center.

In order to reach this place, you will have to drive towards Lonea and right before the bridge which crosses the Jiu river, you will have to make a left turn and follow that road until you will reach the Tăii Gorge.

If you follow this road between the mountains, it will take you to a place called Lunca Florii.

The starting point of the Tăii gorge which is located near Petrila.
Small cabin built on the cliff.
The Tăii Gorge.
Stream flowing in the gorge.
The mountains covered with snow in the distance.

What else to visit in the area:

  • The former Petrila coal mine – actually you are allowed to visit only a small part of the mine. Next to the main entrance, you will find a couple of administrative buildings and in one of them you will find a very interesting museum with all sorts of mining equipments which once were used by the miners.
  • The Parang Mountains –  not far from Petrila, there is a beautiful vantage point from where the entire Jiu valley is visible. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot the tips of the Parang Mountains.