The Jieț Gorge in the Parâng Mountains

Published on June 5, 2022 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Jieț Gorge can be found between the Parâng Mountains. In the gorge you will find the main road which will take you to Obârşia Lotrului from where you can drive on the famous and well known TransAlpina road.

The Ranger’s Waterfall

The Ranger’s Waterfall or Dușul Pădurarului in Romanian is located in the Jieț Gorge right next to the main road. This is a small waterfall but to be honest its pretty charming. If you plan to capture this natural beauty from different angles, you will find a path which will take you next to the Jieț river.

The Ranger's Waterfall
Dușul Pădurarului waterfall in the Jieț Gorge.
Jieț river next to the main road

The nature near Groapa Seacă

The final stop in the Jieț Gorge was at the cabin called Groapa Seacă. After a small hike in the forest it was time the head back towards Petroșani.

Near Groapa Seacă
Mist in the forest.
Inside a large pine tree forest.
The forest near Groapa Seacă

Things to do near the Jieț Gorge:

Not very far from you can also explore Tăii Gorge which is not very far from the city of Petrila. Another nice place to visit is at Hotel Rusu from where a large part of the Jiu Valley is visible, if you are lucky enough you can even spot the peaks of the Parâng Mountains. This hotel is located at an altitude of 1100 meters.