Liberty Square in Timisoara.

The Liberty Square – A Must Visit Place In Timisoara

Published on April 21, 2024 by Zoltan Nyaradi

Liberty Square is a special place in Timisoara. It can be found between two other important squares: Victory Square and Union Square. If you’re starting from Victory Square, which is right at the heart of the city, you’ll need to take a stroll down Alba Iulia Street, which runs alongside the Opera House. Just follow that street, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself right in Liberty Square.

Alba Iulia Street which connects Victory Square to Liberty Square in Timisoara.
Alba Iulia Street with the Metropolitan Cathedral in the background.
Close-up photo of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Timisoara.
Close-up photo of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

When you reach Liberty Square, you’ll discover a lovely place that got a makeover a few years back. Honestly, it looks even better now than it did before the renovations. The improvements really make it shine!

One of the best things about Liberty Square is its mix of old buildings. Liberty Square is always buzzing with activity. You might see street performers showing off their skills or markets selling handmade crafts. There are often concerts and festivals happening, too. And if you’re hungry, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to grab a bite and soak in the atmosphere.

Almost in the middle of the square you will find the monument of St. Mary which which is dedicated to the Hungarian revolution and liberation war of 1848–1849 and right behind he monument, there is the Faculty of Music and Theater.

The Liberty Square.
The Liberty Square.

Back in 2015, Liberty Square went through a major makeover as part of a revamp project in the Cetate district. The square got a whole new look with red brick laid out in neat circles, giving it a fresh and inviting vibe. It was like giving an old friend a stylish makeover, making it more attractive and vibrant for everyone to enjoy.

Red bricks in concentric circles.
Red bricks in concentric circles.
The garrison with an interesting statue in the foreground.
Interesting statue with the garrison in the background of the image.
The old town hall.
The old Town Hall.
People walking in the Liberty Square on a beautiful sunny day.
People walk on a beautiful sunny day.

Explore other parts of Timisoara

If you want to explore more of Timisoara, you can hop on a tram from Liberty Square. You’ll spot the tram station right next to the Palace of Agriculture Banc. Timisoara has a really good transportation system, so it’s pretty easy to get around to different parts of the city. Just catch a tram from here, and you’re good to go to wherever you want in the city! A couple of years ago, brand new tram arrived in Timisoara which were built by the Turkish company Bozankaya.

Bozankaya GT6 tram.
Bozankaya GT6 tram passing through Liberty Square.

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