The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Timisoara

Exploring Timisoara city center

Published on December 2, 2022 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Victory square

The Victory square is located in the middle of Timisoara. The most emblematic buildings in this square are the National Opera and on the opposite side of the square is the large Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral with a height over 90 m. As an interesting fact, the Metropolitan Cathedral is the second tallest church in Romania after the recently built cathedral in Bucharest. This square played an important role in the history of this city because in December 1989 many protest were held against the communist regime and against the former communist president of Romania Nicolae Ceauşescu. On 20 December 1989, from the Victory square, Timisoara was proclaimed the first city freed from communism in Romania.

The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in the Victory square.
The Cathedral's towers.
Statue of the Capitoline Wolf in the Victory square.
The promenade in Timisoara with the Opera in the background.
The Opera in Timisoara.

The Bega canal

Not far from the Victory square, behind the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral you’ll find the Bega canal which basically cuts the city in two.

The Bega canal near the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral with the vaporetto next to the Mihai Viteazu bridge.
The Bega canal with the Traian bridge in the background.
Autumn colors in Timisoara.

What else to visit in Timisoara?

  • Unirii square – this is another popular square in Timisoara with beautiful old buildings including the famous Catholic Dome Cathedral.