Volcano in Racos, Romania

The Old Volcano And The Emerald Lake In Racos

Published on October 18, 2020 by Zoltan Nyaradi

About 20 km away from the small city of Rupea you will find the village of Racos which is popular destination because of its captivating natural marvels waiting to be explored. Here, located within close proximity, you’ll encounter an ancient volcanic crater, an enchanting emerald lake, and striking basaltic columns. With their proximity, you can effortlessly explore these wonders within just a few hours, making for a memorable and fulfilling excursion.

The old volcano (Vulcanul Racos)

Located in close proximity to the charming village of Racos lies the remarkable remnants of a once-active volcano or vulcanul Racos in Romanian, serving as the nearest attraction to the area. Our journey began with a visit to this geological site, situated on the outskirts of the commune. Accessible by vehicle, you can conveniently drive right up to the base of the volcano, providing an excellent starting point for your exploration of the region’s natural wonders. As we approached, the imposing presence of the volcano’s crater became increasingly apparent, evoking a sense of awe and curiosity within us.

Exploring the crater of the former volcano offers a unique chance to see many signs of its active past. As you explore this special place, you’ll find various elements that vividly show its fiery history. One of the most noticeable features is the volcanic ash scattered around, reminding us of the intense geological activity that once happened here. It’s important to stick to the marked paths for visitors to stay safe and protect the delicate ecosystem inside the crater. Following these routes not only keeps you safe but also helps preserve this amazing natural treasure for future generations.

Perched on top of a big hill, the crater gives visitors an amazing view of the wide landscape surrounding the former volcano. From here, you can see stunning views that spread out in all directions, showing the varied geography of the area. The view includes green valleys, rolling hills, and faraway peaks, creating a beautiful scene that goes on as far as you can see. This special perspective lets you see how the volcano fits into the larger natural environment, giving clues about how the land formed over thousands of years. Standing at the edge of the crater, surrounded by peaceful surroundings, you can’t help but feel amazed and respectful of the grand landscape in front of you.

Large volcano crater in Racos.
Inside the volcano’s crater.
Path in the volcano's crater.
Path in the volcano.
The landscape from the volcano.
Black ash and green vegetation.
Inside the volcano crater from Racos.
A part of the large crater.
Crater walls packed with ash.
Interesting shapes in the crater.

The emerald lake (Lacul de Smarald)

Once a busy quarry where basalt was mined, this place has now turned into a beautiful lake with a unique and striking character. Surrounded by tall rock walls that tell the story of its transformation, the lake feels calm and mysterious. Walking down the pathways that lead to the water’s edge, visitors get a close look at the mesmerizing scene.

What really catches your eye, though, is the amazing green color of the lake’s water—it’s like the most beautiful emeralds hence its name, the emerald lake or lacul de smarald in Romanian. This stunning color makes the landscape even more magical, shining brightly on everything around it. When the sunlight hits the water, it sparkles and shines, making it even more enchanting.

In this amazing place, you can’t help but get lost in thought, thinking about the wonders of nature and the incredible beauty all around. Whether you’re standing by the water or looking at it from up high, the emerald green lake fills you with wonder and amazement, inviting you to explore and think deeply. This is truly a place where the line between natural and magical blurs, leaving a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to see it.

Small tree next to the emerald lake.
Small tree next to the emerald lake.
Former basaltic quarry with its green lake.
The lake and some carvings on the steep cliff next to the lake.
The road inside the former quarry with tourists walking towards the lake.
Road leading to the lake.

Other things to visit in the area:

In addition to exploring the wonders of Racos itself, there are several captivating attractions in the surrounding area waiting to be discovered. Here are some notable destinations worth visiting:

  • The Rupea Fortress – as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the medieval Rupea Fortress is the closest objective that you must visit.
  • The Transylvanian village of Viscri – explore this wonderful and unique traditional Transylvanian village, including the famous Fortified Church located in the village.