The Rupea Citadel

The Rupea Fortress In Romania

Published on October 17, 2023 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Rupea fortress is located in the heart of the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. Since it was built on a larger cliff close to the city of Rupea, it is visible from every direction and you cannot miss it if you plan to visit it. There is even a larger parking lot next to entrance where you can leave your car while you are visiting this place.

After you enter into the citadel, then you should know that this medieval citadel is actually divided into three so fortresses. The lower part where the entrance is can be found is called the Lower fortress, the middle part is called the Middle fortress and lastly, the upper part of the Rupea fortress is called the Upper fortress.

Rupea Fortress finds its roots in the 13th century and it was ultimately left deserted in 1790 following a destructive storm that wreaked havoc on the building’s roofs. During the centuries, it offered multiple times refuge and protection for the people living nearby. Today the buildings give us a peek into what life was like inside the fortress many years ago.

Getting There

Rupea is easily accessible from major Romanian cities like Brasov, Sibiu, and Cluj-Napoca. Once you arrive in Rupea, a short drive up the hill will lead you to this historical gem. It’s actually very close to E60 which is the main road coming from Brasov and going towards the medieval city of Sighisoara.

The Lower Fortress

After you entered through the main gate, the courtyard of the Lower fortress awaits you.

The entrance into Rupea citadel.
The Rupea fortress as it is seen from under the Gate Tower.
The Dawn fortress and a path which leads to the Upper fortress.
The path towards the Middle fortress

The Middle Fortress

While visting the Middle fortress, we decided to explore the Scouts Tower which was built in the 15th century. This building has loopholes on all the three sides of the building.

The Scouts Tower.
The Scouts Tower in the Middle fortress

The Upper Fortress

Rupea Fortress has really big stone walls that show off how people built things in medieval times. The walls and towers are still in great shape, and they’re amazing examples of engineering. Plus, you can see the beautiful countryside from up there, including the entire city of Rupea as well. The view is breathtaking.

Old buildings in the Upper fortress.
Buildings in the Upper fortress.
The city of Rupea in the winter captured from the highest point in the citadel.
The city of Rupea.
The Romanian flag hanging on the highest building in the citadel.
Small building on the highest point of the fortress.
Path covered with snow within the ruins of the fortress.
A path leading towards the Middle fortress next to the fortification walls
Large rocks and the defense wall.
Fortification walls built on the cliff.

The road towards Rupea Fortress

Below you will see the fortress and the main road leading to it.

The Rupea citadel and the main road which leads to the entrance into the citadel.
The Rupea fortress.

What else you can visit after Rupea

You actually have multiple places that you can visit. Below I you will find a couple of examples:

  • Not very far Rupea, you can will find the old medieval citadel of Sighișoara which is another important landmark in the historical region of Transylvania.
  • On your way to Sighisoara, you can make a short stop in Saschiz and visit the beautiful fortified church.
  • You can explore the beautiful village of Viscri and the old fortified church.
  • Racos is another place that you definitely must visit. Here you will have the chance to visit the old volcano and the emerald lake.