the Danube near Bazias

The Place Where The Danube Enters Romania

Published on December 31, 2022 by Zoltan Nyaradi

After the Volga river in Russia, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe. It flows through 10 European countries, starting from Germany and ending in Romania where it drains into the Black Sea. The Danube enters Romania near the small Romanian village of Bazias. On the southern part of Romania, the Danube is a border-river because it separates Romania from Serbia and Bulgaria as well.

Balta Nera

The Balta Nera is located approximately 3 km before the village of Bazias. This is the place where the Nera river drains into the mighty Danube river. Since this place is very close to the border with Serbia, you will find a lot of border police vehicles patrolling the area.

The place where the Danube enters Romania with the mountains on the Serbian side of the Danube.
The Danube enters Romania near Bazias.
Balta Nera where the Nera river drains into the Danube.

The small village of Bazias

This is the place where the mighty Danube river enters Romania. As you drive through this small village, you will see near the Danube’s shore many huts and fishing boats. If you plan to make a short stop in Bazias then you can visit the Serbian Orthodox Monastery “Ascension of Lord”.

Now a few words about the history of Bazias. Back in the 19th century, it was a thriving locality with an important port on the Danube which was built by the Austrians. After the the railway line to Oravita was built, the importance of this locality grew even more. The Oravita – Bazias was the first railway line on the territory of Romania. Back then, this line was used to transport coal from Anina. Unfortunately, the railway line was closed a very long time ago.

The village of Bazias with the Danube in the foreground.
The Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Bazias.
Fishing boats and huts in Bazias.

How can you visit this place?

In order to visit the place where the Danube enters Romania, you’ll have two options.

  • The first option would be to drive from Oravita along the Serbian border towards Bazias but don’t forget to make a right turn towards Zlatita after the border crossing in Naidas. This road is not the best one but if you are driving carefully, I’m sure that you will reach the Danube river without any issues.
  • The second option would be to take the longer route towards Moldova Noua and in Pojejena you will have to make a right turn and drive towards Bazias. This road is much better than the one from the first option.