The Siria fortress

The Șiria Fortress

Published on September 10, 2020 by Zoltan Nyaradi

In the Zarand Mountains, not far from the Romanian city of Arad, you will find on the top of a larger hill the Șiria fortress. This fortress received its name from the commune located right under the ruins of the old fortress.

About the Șiria fortress

The fortress was built in the 13th century with construction materials from the nearby area. It had an important strategic role for 5 centuries. Back in the 16th century, it was occupied by the Ottomans for the second time. Unfortunately, in 1784 the entire fortress was destroyed by the Habsburgs. Today only some ruins remained here.

How can you reach the Șiria fortress

If you plan to visit the fortress, then you should know that there is an asphalted road which will take you up the hill next to some tall antennas. There you will find many places where you can leave your car while you are visiting the Șiria fortress. From the antennas to the fortress there is only a short walk through the forest and after a couple of minutes of walking, the fortress will come into sight.

The second option would be to make a hike from the commune to the fortress. There are multiple paths leading to the fortress.

The Șiria fortress in the summer.
Ruins belonging to the fortress with large agricultural fields in the background.
Large round shaped wall part with the commune of Șiria in the background.
The road which leads up to the fortress with the mountains.
The Șiria fortress on the edge of the hill with a large plain in the background.

Other things to visit in the area:

  • Since the city of Arad is not very far from here, you should definitely visit it.
  • If you drive towards Deva in the Mureș valley, you will find the ruins of the Șoimoș Fortress which was built on the outskirts of the village of Șoimoș. This village is very close to Radna. To be more precise, its called the .