The Transylvanian commune of Apold

Published on December 19, 2020 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Transylvanian commune of Apold is located in Mureș county, Romania. By car, you can actually reach it in almost 20 minutes of driving from the city of Sighișoara. The first thing that you should visit is the Fortified Saxon church. You will find this church almost in the center of the commune right next to the commune’s hall.

Another historical monument in Apold, besides the fortified church, is St. George’s church with its long covered stairway. This smaller church is actually a couple of streets away from the old Fortified Saxon church.

The Fortified Saxon church's towers.
The fortified wall which surrounds the Saxon church in Apold.
A part of the commune of Apold with the Fortified Saxon church in the middle.
St. George's Church with its long covered stairway.

Is there something else to explore in the area?

Not far from the commune of Apold, you will find the village of Daia. Over there you will have the chance to discover another interesting old Saxon church. This one is truly unique compared to the rest of the fortified churches in the historical region of Transylvanian because the church’s tower was not built inside the fortification walls surrounding the church.

Also I have to mention the medieval citadel of Sighisoara which is only about 15 km away from Apold.