Steep gradient sign

Transluncani, a spectacular road which was built in the mountain

Published on July 28, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The Transluncani is a spectacular road which was built in the mountains and you will find it near the village of Luncanii de Jos, Timiș County. The construction of this road was finished in 2019 and it was built mainly to facilitate the access to the plateau where the locals have their lands. The plateau is at an altitude of around 700 meters. On the Translucani you will find many steep hairpin turns and sharp descents. The highest gradient is around 20%. It’s recommended to drive slowly and carefully because the road is very narrow and two cars can barely fit.

The Transluncani road is a smaller version of Transalpina or Transfăgărășan which currently are the most popular mountain passes in Romania.

Transluncani road.
The road at different altitudes.
The Transluncani road in the summer.
The mountains surrounding the Transluncani road.
Road drainage.
Sharp turn with the forest in the background.
The mountains which surrounds the Transluncani road.

Other things to visit in the area:

  • Valea lui Liman – This is a popular touristic complex which has a nice restaurant and a hotel. It’s only about 7 km away from Transluncani.
  • Sopot waterfall – This is another popular attraction in the area that you must visit.