stema UCM Resita

At The UCM Emblem In Resita: Spectacular Scenery and Cityscape

Published on February 24, 2024 by Zoltan Nyaradi

Located on the top of a hill adjacent to Resita’s Centrul Civic lies a marvelous vantage point known as Stema UCM Resita, which translates to “UCM Emblem” in English. From this elevated spot, one can behold a vast panorama encompassing a significant portion of Resita’s charming city including the Centrul Civic, Lunca Pomostului, Dealul Crucii, and in the distance you can even spot the Lunca Barzavei district of Resita.

The hill mentioned above is called Gol Hill, and the emblem is located at an altitude of approximately 330 meters. If you plan to visit this place, you will find the stairs at the base of the Gol Hill, right behind the Centrul Civic, which leads up to the prominent UCM emblem.

Communist era block in Resita.
Communist-era blocks next to the city center.
The funicular next to residential buildings.
The funicular next to the residential buildings.
The city including the funicular and the Barzava river.
Residential buildings, the funicular, and the Barzava river.
Panoramic view of the city as seen from the UCM emblem.
Panoramic view of Resita as seen from the UCM emblem.
Lunca Barzavei district in Resita.
Lunca Barzavei district.

In my opinion, this is a very beautiful place to visit especially if you plan to explore the city of Resita. Below I’ve shared a short video of the city as seen from the UCM Emblem.

What else to visit in Resita?

The Steam Locomotive Museum in Resita – This open-air museum features many interesting steam locomotives that were built in Resita. We must not forget that this city had a significant history in locomotive manufacturing, especially during the industrialization period.