resita city center

Short Stop In The City Center

Published on March 24, 2024 by Zoltan Nyaradi

After visiting the steam locomotive museum, I decided to make a short stop in the city center of Resita before heading to my final objective in the city of Resita. Since this is a small city, after a couple of minutes of driving from the museum I found a free parking lot very close the Civic Center.

Let’s explore this place

It’s hard to miss with those big communist-style apartment buildings towering around it. But that’s not all! This square is also bustling with shops and restaurants.

People in the Civic Center.
People walking in the city center.

Multipurpose Hall (Sala Polivalenta)

The first interesting building that popped up was the large Multipurpose Hall located next to the Kinetic Fountain which at the time when I was visiting this place was surrounded by fences. Probably it was under renovation.

Sala Polivalenta in Civic Center.
Multipurpose Hall in the Civic Center.

Between the tall apartment buildings you will have the chance to spot the funicular. This street will take you next to the funicular and the Vama bridge.

Street leading to the funicular.
Street which takes you to the funicular.
The Kinetic Fountain in Resita.
The Kinetic Fountain between the trees.

The UCM Resita Emblem (Stema UCM Resita)

From the city center, you will also spot on the top of a larger hill overlooking Resita the UCM Emblem. If you plan to see a large part of the city from above, that would be the perfect place to do that.

The UCM Resita emblem.
The UCM Resita Emblem located on the top of Gol Hill.

Other objectives to check out

Very close to the city center you will find other objectives to visit. Below I’ve shared a couple of them.

The Funicular (Funicularul)

This unique construction was once busy transporting limestone from a nearby quarry. It was constructed back in 1964 and stands tall at a towering height of 30 meters. It has almost the same height as some of the apartment blocks in the area. So, if you’re up for a little adventure and want to delve into Resita’s past, this funicular is definitely worth checking out. You will find it just a stone’s throw away from the city center.

Close-up photo of the funicular.
Close-up photo of the funicular which once used to transport limestone.
The funicular next to the apartment buildings.
The funicular next to the apartment blocks.
Under the funicular.
Under the mighty funicular.
The funicular, the Vama bridge and the theater.
The funicular, the Vama bridge, and the West Theater on the right side.

Vama bridge (Podul de la Vama)

Under the Funicular you will find Romania’s first welded and riveted bridge built entirely in Reista. This bridge was super important because it connected two important parts of the city: Resita Montana and Resita Romana. They turned it into a pedestrian bridge, which means it’s perfect for strolling and enjoying the view over the Barzava River.

The Vama bridge and the Barzava river.
The Vama bridge and the Barzava river.
People crossing the Vama bridge.
People crossing the bridge.