The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

Published on August 9, 2020 by Zoltan Nyaradi

I visited Corvin Castle on my way back from the Bison Reservation which is located in a forest very close to the small city of Hațeg. From Hațeg to Hunedoara by car you will make approximately 40 minutes. After you arrive next to the castle, you will find a paid parking lot where you can leave your car during your visit to Corvin Castle.

Where is Corvin Castle located?

The Corvin Castle is located in the Romanian city of Hunedoara. You will find it very easy because it was built on a smaller hill close to the edge of the city. Right next to the castle, you will find the small Zlaști river which is flowing under the old bridge leading to the castle’s main entrance.

A short history about the Corvin Castle

Now a few words about Corvin castle. This castle is one of the most important landmarks in the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. It was built in the 15th century on the orders of John Hunyadi who was the Voivode of Transylvania. It was built mainly in Gothic style but it also has some Renaissance architectural elements.

According to some travel websites, this castle is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Romania.

Without any doubts, Corvin Castle is one of the most visited medieval castles in the region of Transylvania despite that its a hunted place.

Corvin Castle is also known as Hunyadi Castle (probably because it was built on the orders of John Hunyadi).

Inside to castle

Once you walk across the wooden bridge over the Zlaști river, you will enter the castle’s courtyard where you will have the chance to explore even more things about this Transylvanian medieval castle. Right next to the main entrance you will find the torture room where you will find all sorts of medieval torture equipment.

The Corvin Castle courtyard.
The castle’s courtyard

Scary gargoyles

These gargoyles can be found inside the well-preserved Hunyadi Castle. These gargoyles are located in the southern end of the courtyard; you can spot them very easily from the castle’s defense wall.

Scary gargoyles
The gargoyles

The legend of the well

According to the legend, the well from the photo below was dug by three Turkish prisoners, to whom John Hunyadi promised freedom. The prisoners dug for 15 years and they managed to make the well 28 meters deep. Finally at that depth, they found water. Meanwhile, John Hunyadi had died and his wife didn’t respect her husband’s word, instead she ordered the killing of the three Turkish prisoners. The last request of the prisoners before execution was to write on a piece of stone in the well the following sentence: “You may have water, but you have no soul”

Corvin Castle well where the Turkish prisoners were killed.
The well

The Drummer’s Tower

This tower is located on the eastern side of the Hunyad castle and as you can see, it has a circular shape with two defense levels, the gunmen level and the embattled level. As I remember this tower was built between 1440 and 1444.

The Drummer's Tower
The Drummer Tower

The city of Hunedoara

From the castle you can admire the small Transylvanian city of Hunedoara.

The city of Hunedoara, Romania.
The city of Hunedoara

Other photos of the Corvin Castle

The Corvin Castle at sunset.
A defense tower belonging to the castle.

Other important landmarks in the region of Transylvania:

Beside the Corvin Castle, you can find other important landmarks that you must visit if you plan to explore this amazing region located in the center of Romania.

Below I’ve shared 5 highly recommended places to visit:

  • I will start the list with the medieval citadel of Sighișoara which is a pretty large inhabited citadel located about 220 km away from the Corvin Castle.
  • Not very far from the city of Sighișoara, in the city of Rupea, you will find another old medieval fortress.
  • In the commune of Biertan, you will find one of the largest fortified churches in the historical region of Transylvania.
  • Not very far from the Corvin Castle, you will find the city of Deva which also has an older fortress built on the top of a former volcano. The fortress can be found close to the entrance into the city from Arad. You can actually take the elevated lift up to the Deva fortress.
  • Finally, I will add the old traditional Transylvanian village of Viscri with its fortified church.