The royal castle in Savarsin

The Săvârșin Castle in the Mureș Valley

Published on September 15, 2022 by Zoltan Nyaradi

Another important objective to visit in the Mureș valley is the Royal Castle located in the commune of Săvârșin. It’s about an hour of driving away from Radna if you drive towards Deva. The Royal Domain was owned by King Michael I of Romania. In order to visit the park you will have to pay for a ticket. There are also guided tours available for the tourists if you want to learn even more things about this amazing and beautiful place.

The Automobile Museum

After you enter the Royal Domain the first thing that you can visit is King Michael’s old car collection. Inside the small museum, among the exhibitions, you will gonna find a couple of old WW2 military Jeeps. Right after the automobile museum, you will find small repair shop.

Old WW2 Jeeps in the Automobile Museum in Săvârșin.
Royal chariot in the museum.

Exploring the large park

The large park can be found in the back side of the royal castle and it can be explored by the public. Unfortunately, the interior of the castle was not opened for the public.

The park has a surface of 6.5 ha where you will find a couple of very old oak trees, some of them were planted 1660. Somewhere in the park you will also find a small island which is surrounded by a lake. Very close to the lake you will also have the chance to admire the beautiful gardens.

The Royal Castle in Săvârșin
Small island surrounded by the lake.
White water Lilies
Paths in the park
Glycine arch

What else to visit in the Mureș Valley

  • The Șoimoș Fortress – If you are driving towards the city Arad, then you should stop and visit the ruins of the Șoimoș Fortress.
  • The Radna Monastery – this old monastery is actually very close to the Șoimoș Fortress. This should be the second important objective to visit in the Mureș Valley.