The Gyula Castle tower.

The Hungarian city of Gyula

Published on July 17, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

The city of Gyula is located in the Eastern part of Hungary, very close to the Romanian border. It’s a popular destination due to the Gyula Castle Bath.

The Gyula Castle

Next to the Gyula Castle Bath is the Gyula Castle. The construction of this medieval castle was finished in the 16th century. This place was conquered by the Ottomans and in the taken back by the Christians in 1694. The interior of castle can be visited by the tourists.

The Gyula castle.
The Gyula castle in the summer.

The Almásy Castle

This is another important objective worth visiting in the Hungarian city of Gyula. Inside you will find an amazing museum with many interactive exhibitions. You can easily spend more then 1 hour exploring all the exhibitions from the museum. This objective is also very close to the Gyula Castle and the Gyula Castle Bath.

The Almásy Castle in the Hungarian city of Gyula.
The castle's balcony.
A part of the the Almásy Castle.
Flower garden in front of the Almásy Castle.

Various parts of Gyula

Besides the main touristical attractions you can take a longer walk along the Élővíz canal which flows almost in the middle of the city.

Another beautiful street which we explored in Gyula is called Városház where you will find the World Clock (Világóra in Hungarian) and the Catholic church. Also on this street you will find all sorts of restaurants and stores.

The World Clock in Gyula.
Fountains in the downtown.
The Élővíz canal in the city of Gyula.